Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Violet quote: While rubbing her daddy's hairy chest she said "Did Mommy make this?" Olivia quote: While distracting the girls with silly questions like "What color is a frog? What color is a giraffe?" Chris chimed in with what color is Daddy? Olivia answered "Furry". A wishful evening Dandebeauty
Mother's Day 2012

A little snuggle Cowgirl at the bakery  I had a real treat this Mother's Day. I told Chris that I wanted to be around the girls without being in charge of every trip to the potty, every drink of water, every snack request. I wanted to enjoy them while I sat in a comfy, shady place at the park and knit. And Chris delivered in style. He treated me to a picnic lunch at my favorite park and I was able to listen to the girls play, giggle, yell and squeal with exuberance. They spent lots of time on the swings, kicked around their pink ballerina ball, played hide-n-seek with new friends and climbed the wall of the play scape. We tried for the traditional picnic on a blanket but the ants found their way up Chris' shorts so we moved to a picnic table. The day was so cool and the breeze so light and refreshing that Chris and I dreamed about what it would be like with that kind of weather all year round.

I think the most memorable part of the day will be the hilarious message in Olivia's card. She picked out a card with my favorite color, green...so thoughtful. Then I opened it to see her lovely writing and she said "It says Mom, I love you, but I don't like Mother's Day." Vi's card was bursting with color and circles done in such a way that they looked like butterflies. Chris and the girls gave me some mugs with cherries (to remind me of Kate Breakey's bowl of cherries) and tomatoes (to remind me of the heirloom tomatoes we grew a few summers ago when Liv was a toddler).