Monday, May 23, 2011

My favorite part of the morning is taking Olivia to school.

Every school day Olivia...

holds my hand in the parking lot until we get to the part where no cars are allowed. Then she lets go of my hand and races me (except that I don't actually run) to the front door where she sets down her lunch box and gathers all of her strength to open the door.

sneaks past her 2's class teacher because she doesn't want Miss Becca to see her. She actually loves Miss Becca; it's all part of Liv's love of sneaking around and surprising people.

finds the place her lunch box belongs and puts it on the shelf. Then she signs herself in by moving her picture from the Home board to the School board.

hides outside her classroom and giggles loudly until her teacher notices her.

These moments make up her school day ritual.

Last week of school

Here comes summer

Hold my hand, Mommy

Friday, May 20, 2011

Mud and Water Day

Ever heard of it? Well, it's a major holiday according to Olivia. For a week we've woken up to a sing songy voice asking us "Is it Mud and Waters Day?" or telling us "It is Mud and Waters Day" when it actually wasn't.

Olivia put a lot of thought into this day. She requested that we present her with cards for Mud and Water Day, as if Hallmark had a line of greeting cards specifically for this special Day. She even instructed us as to when would be the appropriate time to give her the cards; first thing in the morning in case you are wondering.

The idea was just too fun to pass up. Chris did a wonderful drawing of Harry making his own mud and water puddles with a watering can (inspired by Harry and the Lady Next Door by Gene Zion) and then gave it to her before breakfast. And I gave her a foam football because I happened to have bought it a few days earlier to replace one the dog ate and hadn't given it to her yet.

So here are a few images from Olivia's much anticipated Mud and Water Day at school.






No home made treats or shiny decorations, just water, mud, shaving cream and some friends.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

While reading a library book about animals I pointed to a cuttle fish and called it by name. Olivia responded quizzically "A cuddle fish?" I said no, it's a cu-t-t-le fish. A page later she said "Mommy, I want to see the snuggle fish."

Between signs and words Violet says:
night night
thank you
Olivia (which sounds like i-ya)
like this
and something that sounds a lot like "I did it"
what's this (whadis?)
ma ma and da da
all done

Violet's favorite things are:
sucking on the two middle fingers of her left hand
twirling her hair or my hair with her right hand
climbing up the backs of chairs
playing peekaboo and hide and seek
playing in the sprinkler
reading books
and generally doing anything that her big sister does