Sunday, November 25, 2012

The important things

Today Liv said "Mom, I learned something important watching the Cat in the Hat. For Christmas all you need is your family and the things you need. But since I have all of that I'm going to ask for some toys so I won't be sad." And here's a picture of Vi in her super snuggly mode twirling my hair and sucking her fingers while sitting in my lap. Vi twirling my hair and sucking her fingers

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Loose teeth and Paul Bunny

Olivia and Chris called me today to tell me that the Tooth Fairy needs to be on alert as Liv's two bottom teeth are loose. As Liv says "Mom, this tooth lays down". I was filled with memories of long, sleepless nights as these teeth worked their way through her gums as a baby. It seems like just yesterday that I slogged into the office figuring that one tooth cost me and Chris 2-3 weeks of sleep and she had 4 more teeth to come in so therefore I had at least 8 more weeks of fatigue. Ah, those were the days! I almost forgot that Vi requests to listen to the story of "Paul Bunny" aka Paul Bunyan, on my phone. That's another fun one for ya! Vi also calls her favorite baby doll that has a duck on it's onesie Quack Baby, but it sounds like Crack baby when she says it. You can bet this one causes a few raised eyebrows!

Monday, November 05, 2012

Words to grow on

Playing pirate ship I'm feeling a little sentimental today because yesterday was the first time Violet said "banana" instead of "bana". She's growing up and you can hear it in her speech. Chris and I often talk fondly with the girls about how they used to say their words. For Olivia it was pajamas (pthpthpth)and the song Old McDonald (Old McDoggy). For Violet it's been banana (bana) and teapot (teapottle).

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Olivia's end of year celebration

Olivia spelled, bounced, laughed, sang, drew, added, read and experimented her way through her first year of Montessori. It took us a while to adjust to the routine, the new room, new faces and new teachers. She missed her friends from her preschool but that didn't stop her from making new buddies. Before long she was playing tiger on the playground with Neev, Casper and Neyha. During school breaks Olivia urged us to care for Juice Box the hamster and when new kids joined her class in January she was eager to help them learn their way around the class. We had the opportunity to visit the school many times through the year for International Day, Science Fair, her birthday and holidays. Each time Olivia was so happy to show us around her class, introduce us to her friends and pass along tips and rules (so that we wouldn't step out of line in the classroom). Her teachers love her and she loves them. Now the three week summer break begins and she needs it. She's been slow to get out of the car in the mornings and has mentioned being tired on many occasions. But there's a little seed planted for next year's class with her new teacher. It won't be long before Liv is refreshed and asking us how many days until school starts.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Train ride

Liv earned a trip to the park, a train ride and an ice cream cone. Yay Livy!

Friday, June 01, 2012

Violet's end of year celebration

My big girl wore a cap and walked to her teacher to receive her achievement award when her name was called. I'm so proud.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Violet quote: While rubbing her daddy's hairy chest she said "Did Mommy make this?" Olivia quote: While distracting the girls with silly questions like "What color is a frog? What color is a giraffe?" Chris chimed in with what color is Daddy? Olivia answered "Furry". A wishful evening Dandebeauty
Mother's Day 2012

A little snuggle Cowgirl at the bakery  I had a real treat this Mother's Day. I told Chris that I wanted to be around the girls without being in charge of every trip to the potty, every drink of water, every snack request. I wanted to enjoy them while I sat in a comfy, shady place at the park and knit. And Chris delivered in style. He treated me to a picnic lunch at my favorite park and I was able to listen to the girls play, giggle, yell and squeal with exuberance. They spent lots of time on the swings, kicked around their pink ballerina ball, played hide-n-seek with new friends and climbed the wall of the play scape. We tried for the traditional picnic on a blanket but the ants found their way up Chris' shorts so we moved to a picnic table. The day was so cool and the breeze so light and refreshing that Chris and I dreamed about what it would be like with that kind of weather all year round.

I think the most memorable part of the day will be the hilarious message in Olivia's card. She picked out a card with my favorite color, thoughtful. Then I opened it to see her lovely writing and she said "It says Mom, I love you, but I don't like Mother's Day." Vi's card was bursting with color and circles done in such a way that they looked like butterflies. Chris and the girls gave me some mugs with cherries (to remind me of Kate Breakey's bowl of cherries) and tomatoes (to remind me of the heirloom tomatoes we grew a few summers ago when Liv was a toddler).