Friday, September 21, 2007

Llamas, and goats and geese, oh my! Oh, how they made Livy cry.

We took Olivia to her personal petting zoo down the street. Yes, we have a llama, many goats, peacocks and geese as neighbors. You would think we live in the country, but no, that's just eclectic south Austin. So anyway, we went on our evening walk around the 'hood and for the first time, Olivia was awake as we passed the petting zoo. Chris and I stood (I had Olivia in the front pack carrier) patiently waiting for the animals to make their way over to the fence from their dinner. The goats and the llama were nice and quiet but the geese honked as they got closer. They were very loud and Olivia got very excited and started to cry. It was a different cry than I had ever heard her make before. So her first trip to the zoo wasn't a success; hopefully next time the geese won't upset her too much.

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