Friday, February 29, 2008

Olivia had a very full social calendar for February. She went to Hollywood for 5 days and had a few star sightings, accompanied her family to a few vineyards and enjoyed a nice bottle of formula at a seafood restaurant on a pier in Santa Barbara. Since coming back home she has had a few play-dates with some of her friends and has attended a few parties, staying awake way past her bed time.

During the day she goes to the YMCA where she is starting to understand that Mommy and Daddy leave her to play with other kids while they go exercise. Olivia's decided that she's not too happy about it and sometimes the teacher has to come find her Daddy.

At home, Olivia has played on a blanket in the front yard while her parents plant pretty flowers; and she crawls backwards or in circles until she gets where she wants to be. One of her favorite books is Spring and she is most fascinated by the bright pink pages. She forms an "O" with her lips, breathes in and out very quickly and makes a whistle when her Mommy shows her the pink pages. Bathing has also become a favorite passtime and she really loves to see herself wrapped in a blanket in the mirror when the bath is over.

Olivia will most likely grow up to be a noise-maker like her daddy; she already mimics the cat's meow and is working on "cockadoodle doo". But of course she hasn't said "ma ma" yet. When I try to get her to say it she points at me and says "da da" which makes her Daddy howl with laughter.

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