Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Olivia had a fabulous Christmas. She was overwhelmed with the amount of people watching her open her presents. And she retreated to her bedroom a few times to collect herself. But she recovered and spent the day strolling her baby around in her new doll stroller and playing with her new kitchen.

A few evenings ago her daddy and I took her for a walk in her new wagon and she started drifting to sleep. Later as I was putting on her pajamas (she has the cutest way of saying pajamas by the way) I heard her repeating a phrase. I finally stopped my internal chatter and thought about what she was saying and I heard "i seepy, i seepy, i seepy". Wow! She was trying to tell me that she was sleepy. Hurray!

Now she's working on "hi mama" and "hi dada". I heard her practicing hi dada while sitting under the dining room table (one of her favorite hiding places).

Once Olivia adjusted to all the family around her it was time for people to start returning to their normal lives in their hometowns. Her auntie Boo Boo left on Monday but Olivia was still thinking of her on Tuesday. She would say Boo Boo and then point to me and say mama and point in the direction of her dad and say dada. I think that was her way of asking "where is Boo Boo?"

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