Friday, June 26, 2009

Olivia is now two years old!
A few months ago I tried to list all of the words she uses and after a few days I realized that I was fighting a losing battle. Every day I would go home and hear at least 2-3 new words from her. Her vocabulary is expanding exponentially and she surprises each of us on a regular basis. Either Chris or I will turn to the other and say "Did she just say that?!".
She still loves to read and one of her favorite places to go is the library. And she knows to be quiet in the library because we've been reading her the Charlie and Lola book about borrowing books from libraries and how you have to be quiet when you are there. When we're reading books to her at home she will hum along with us mimicing our speach. Then at the last few words she'll chime in with the correct words. When she looks at the books by herself she flips through the pages (careful not to skip any) and mentions several words or phrases from the book.
Her other favorite place to go is the pool. We either ride our bikes or drive (if it's too hot like it has been lately) but either way she loves it. If we don't move quick enough to get her from the car to the pool she says "Come on guys, pool!" She likes to stand on the edge and try to jump in while holding our hands. She also loves to play with the other little kids on the steps. She enjoys kicking her legs and splashing her arms while we hold her on her belly. She also likes to blow bubbles.
We can usually keep her entertained at home with music cds like the Biscuit Brothers or just singing Twinkle, Twinkle little star. She loves to sing along and knows many songs like Row your Boat, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Frere Jacques and the abc's.
Her favorite foods are fruit (except peaches). The other day she ate a kiwi and when she cleaned her plate she raised her arms and said "Yay kiwi". We got her another kiwi! Bananas, pineapple, apple and strawberries are also at the top of her list. In the morning she likes to sit in my lap and eat cereal with me. And for dinner she sits at her own little table with a plate and a big girl glass of milk. And she loves to help set the table. She puts a napkin at each person's place, then puts the forks on top of the napkin. She's a very organized young girl.
I will post pictures from her 2nd birthday soon!

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