Thursday, June 14, 2012

Olivia's end of year celebration

Olivia spelled, bounced, laughed, sang, drew, added, read and experimented her way through her first year of Montessori. It took us a while to adjust to the routine, the new room, new faces and new teachers. She missed her friends from her preschool but that didn't stop her from making new buddies. Before long she was playing tiger on the playground with Neev, Casper and Neyha. During school breaks Olivia urged us to care for Juice Box the hamster and when new kids joined her class in January she was eager to help them learn their way around the class. We had the opportunity to visit the school many times through the year for International Day, Science Fair, her birthday and holidays. Each time Olivia was so happy to show us around her class, introduce us to her friends and pass along tips and rules (so that we wouldn't step out of line in the classroom). Her teachers love her and she loves them. Now the three week summer break begins and she needs it. She's been slow to get out of the car in the mornings and has mentioned being tired on many occasions. But there's a little seed planted for next year's class with her new teacher. It won't be long before Liv is refreshed and asking us how many days until school starts.

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