Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Loose teeth and Paul Bunny

Olivia and Chris called me today to tell me that the Tooth Fairy needs to be on alert as Liv's two bottom teeth are loose. As Liv says "Mom, this tooth lays down". I was filled with memories of long, sleepless nights as these teeth worked their way through her gums as a baby. It seems like just yesterday that I slogged into the office figuring that one tooth cost me and Chris 2-3 weeks of sleep and she had 4 more teeth to come in so therefore I had at least 8 more weeks of fatigue. Ah, those were the days! I almost forgot that Vi requests to listen to the story of "Paul Bunny" aka Paul Bunyan, on my phone. That's another fun one for ya! Vi also calls her favorite baby doll that has a duck on it's onesie Quack Baby, but it sounds like Crack baby when she says it. You can bet this one causes a few raised eyebrows!

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