Thursday, October 04, 2007


We gave Olivia a taste (don't worry - we just touched the items to her tongue) of some fruit to give her something to look forward to. After all, four months of stinky formula can't be very exciting. Strawberries and oranges resulted in unpleasant expressions and attempts to get the offending taste off her tongue. Apples were well-received, but Bananas, well Bananas were a Big Hit! After one taste, Olivia extended both of her dimply-knuckled hands, latched onto my hand which was holding the banana and lunged with mouth wide open onto the morsel. I showed Chris her reaction and in no time he had her licking the banana like an insect, with her tongue extending beyond her lips and onto the drool-covered tidbit.

Her four-month check-up is tomorrow and hopefully the doctor will give her the go-ahead to start on rice and then pureed bananas!

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