Thursday, October 04, 2007

Roly Poly, Sucking Toes and Mmm Mmm Love that Thumb

There are so many things to report about Olivia that I have to break it into sections!
Roly Poly
Olivia had a burst of energy last night and stayed awake and in a good mood until 10:00. At that time I was ready to crash, so we moved to our bed to see if laying down with Olivia would get her to calm down and fall asleep. She's been rolling onto her side since her first week of life but hadn't quite made it all the way over to her tummy until last night. And when she did end up on her tummy she was "mad as a hornet" as our pediatrician would say. She hates being on her stomach and immediately started a mini meltdown so we put her on her back again. We'll try the stomach to back rollover another day!

Sucking Toes
Olivia finally managed to get her foot to her face and her toes into her mouth. It's hard work for a baby! Half the time her toes end up in her nose or she gets her heel to her mouth. And then when she gets the toes in she gets tired from wrestling her leg and it escapes from her. This leads to...

Mmm Mmm Love that Thumb
When her feet escape her grasp and she doesn't have the patience or strength to get her toes back into her mouth she settles for her thumb. A friend told me that babies will "discover" their thumb at about 4 months. Olivia turned 4 mos on Saturday and discovered her thumb last night. She had sucked on it briefly in the past but last night she left it in her mouth for several minutes and made plently of smacking noises. She hasn't quite got the technique down; she keeps her palm open and her fingers spread across her nose and eyes which is really adorable! I'm sure she'll get the technique figured out soon!

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