Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The first day of preschool was a big, BIG success! I took her to school on my way to work and we arrived at school early. So we played on the play ground and then looked at the anemones and clown fish ("Nemo") in the fish tank. When the teachers let us in the classroom we washed our hands and then she was off to play with the toys, crayons and paper. I headed to the door and she started to run in my direction. The teacher, assuming Liv was running to me, said "One more kiss for Mommy?" But no, Liv ran right by me to the bulletin board with her and her class mates pictures so she could move her picture from "out" to "in". Liv was so excited to be there that she didn't even notice when I left the building. It was the best I could have hoped for.

Before this people would ask me how I was going to cope with leaving her at preschool. It was a perfectly appropriate question but one that I had not considered before. I've been leaving Liv with her dad every work day since Liv was about 3 months old. So I did all of my crying and worrying a long time ago. Leaving her at preschool was a transition that we were all looking forward to. It's been obvious for several months now that Liv has not been stimulated enough at home and we have been hoping that 2 half days at school would remedy that problem. I think it has and we are all much happier.

Now I should say that a certain someone in Liv's life had a difficult time that day but it wasn't me. This person (whom I won't mention his name, wink, wink) confided in me that he felt unusually stressed all morning and realized it was because Liv wasn't there for him like she usually is. I think someone missed her very much!

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