Wednesday, September 02, 2009

School is starting just in time for my little Liv who has started showing an interest in "going to work with mommy". It all started last Monday when Liv went to work with my mom while Daddy and I went to have a sonogram of the new baby. She had a blast visiting new people and raiding office supplies. So now every day as I'm about to walk out the door she rushes around the house in her diaper or pajamas gathering her "work" and yelling "I coming mommy. Wait, I coming to work with you." It breaks my heart to leave her because I would love to bring her with me and let her play all day. Lately we've been telling her that she is going to work with Daddy (which means running photography errands with him) and distracting her with books. This morning she had a purse, sunglasses and diaper on and was ready to walk out the door with me.
This makes me even more excited about Liv starting preschool. Next Thursday I'll be able to say "Okay Liv, you are going to work today at your own school and you are riding with me!" I can't wait to see her eyes get big and bright as she runs and screams around the house about going to work.
And the sonogram showed that we have a healthy and very, very active little girl to look forward to this winter. We could not be more excited and happy. She will make the perfect holiday package.

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Michael Reisor said...

Wow! Livvie is going to preschool! You think she has been growing fast?! Wait until she gets into a room full of other little bottle rockets just like her, she will doing and saying things you have never seen or heard before and it will be great! Cookie, Grampa, Kate and cousin Georgia will be waiting to hear all the stories! We love you and can't wait until your next beach visit!