Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Growth spurt!

Last night Violet slept from 7pm until 5am! She ate then went back to sleep until 7. Woke again for more food and then went back to bed by the time I left for work at 8:45am. Right now she's big enough to wear clothes for 6-12 months. And her feet are quite big. She is also very long which makes it hard to keep her in footed pajamas for more than a few months.

Violet has the sweetest disposition. She hardly ever cries. In fact I don't think I've heard her cry in weeks. She fusses at us when she's tired or hungry but rarely goes into a full crying spell. She's such an easy girl to put to bed as well. I just swaddle her and lay her in bed, give her a kiss and walk out the door. She will look at herself in the mirror, smile and coo until she falls asleep. Easy!

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