Wednesday, April 28, 2010


We had lots of fun while I was on maternity leave after Violet's birth. One of the best memories was of our standing Wednesday afternoon playdate with Amy and her daughter Lucy. They made soup in Livy's kitchen, drew chalk pictures on the easel and played like it was bed time. They would lay in the bed, tell Amy and me "goodnight", pull the covers over their heads and giggle. Lucy loved to sketch on Liv's magnetic sketch pad. She would cover the whole pad with squiggly lines and say "Olivia, is that enough?" Liv would barely stop what she was doing to say "No." Lucy would continue drawing squiggles and asking if it was enough. At some magical point that was only known to Liv she would decide that there were enough squiggles and she would respond with "Yes." At that time they were both satisfied with Lucy's sketch and moved on to other games.

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