Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I don't have a good photo of Violet for today's post mainly because every picture I take of her is blurry. The girl just can't sit still. If we put her on the ground on her bottom she acts offended and rushes to the nearest piece of furniture to pull up on.

She hit two big milestones this week. She took her crawling beyond the tentative one or two knee scooches forward to crawling a foot or two. But she still prefers scooting on her belly when she's got to be somewhere in a hurry.

And the other milestone... she stood up without any help! It was for about three seconds. I was getting Liv ready for the bath and I turned to check on Violet and there she was- standing with her hands in the air. I had to look up and down to make sure I wasn't missing something like a stool she might be leaning on. But there was nothing, just Vi and her solid little legs holding her up. She didn't even wobble; she calmly put her hands back on the stool in front of her and went on about her business.

What Violet likes:
blueberry muffins
doing the robot dance in daddy's lap
bedtime stories with her sister
sucking on the two middle fingers on her left hand
anything her big sister does, especially dancing and singing
and her sister's room

What Violet doesn't like:
getting dressed and undressed

Olivia and Violet in the grass

Yellow flower

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