Thursday, November 04, 2010

What makes Violet laugh...
anything goofy that her sister does
zerberts on her belly
Liv twirling her around in a shopping cart

What makes Violet upset...
Liv closing the door to her bedroom; especially when Violet is scooting down the hallway toward the bedroom
Mommy trying to put her to bed without a bed-time story

Violet's milestones update...
Violet's been saying "da da" for a few weeks now.
She only says "ma ma" when she's really upset and she started that around August. I've only heard her say it a handful of times.
She's become very interested in books and actually looks at them closely while I read them. She keeps flipping back to the front cover as if she's making a note of the book title so she can find it again later.

Morning glory

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