Friday, January 07, 2011

Capturing the candy cane swiper

I stepped out of the house to do some laundry in the carport while the girls played in the living room by the Christmas tree. When I came back Violet was crying and Liv dashed to her bedroom and I didn't see her again for about an hour and a half! And if you don't remember Liv doesn't take naps (hasn't since she was about 6 months old). So disappearing quietly into her bedroom for such a long time was highly unusual. I checked on her during this time and she was under the comforter in her bed. I was shocked.
She finally emerged with a lost look in her eye, shiny hands and hair that looked like a bird had made a nest in it. Here's what I figure happened.

Liv took a candy cane from the Christmas tree and ran out of the room just as I was coming in from doing the laundry (and she probably bumped Violet causing her to cry).
Liv hid under her comforter, removed the candy cane wrapper and started to eat.
And then, hold your breath, she fell into a sugary slumber.
About an hour and a half later she woke up and stumbled into the kitchen where Vi and I were having an afternoon snack.
Here she is after waking up (with the candy cane still in her mouth).
The candy cane swiper

Here we are cleaning up the candy cane swiper.
Candy cane clean-up

Wrapper on the floor and the bed. The red is where she drooled on her sheets.

Candy cane wrapper

Candy cane pieces and drool spot on Liv's bed

And I found this cute little munchkin at the scene of the crime but her alibi is solid as she was in the kitchen with me the whole time.

If I chew on this my gums feel better

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