Thursday, January 27, 2011

Santa's elves make an early arrival...

While touring local neighborhoods for Christmas lights we saw a little cottage with a big yard filled with probably 20 or more inflatable Christmas decorations. Liv was enchanted and decided she wanted a "popup" Christmas decoration for her yard from Santa. She specifically wanted a snow globe with a merry-go-round in it.

I think Santa had a tough time fulfilling Liv's specific wish but he did pretty darn well. A few days before Christmas Eve he sent his elves to set up 3 popups in our front yard! Liv was so excited when Chris and I woke her to show her the surprise. At first she was a little scared and wanted to go back inside. But after a few minutes of thinking about it she wanted to go right back outside to walk around and inspect her presents. Santa brought a giant snowman, Santa in a plane (with spinning propellers) and Santa on a sled with penguins.

Unfortunately this story has a sad ending; somebody swiped all but the snowman from our yard a few nights after Christmas. But luckily we had a chance to get some pretty good pictures to remember them by.



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