Friday, May 20, 2011

Mud and Water Day

Ever heard of it? Well, it's a major holiday according to Olivia. For a week we've woken up to a sing songy voice asking us "Is it Mud and Waters Day?" or telling us "It is Mud and Waters Day" when it actually wasn't.

Olivia put a lot of thought into this day. She requested that we present her with cards for Mud and Water Day, as if Hallmark had a line of greeting cards specifically for this special Day. She even instructed us as to when would be the appropriate time to give her the cards; first thing in the morning in case you are wondering.

The idea was just too fun to pass up. Chris did a wonderful drawing of Harry making his own mud and water puddles with a watering can (inspired by Harry and the Lady Next Door by Gene Zion) and then gave it to her before breakfast. And I gave her a foam football because I happened to have bought it a few days earlier to replace one the dog ate and hadn't given it to her yet.

So here are a few images from Olivia's much anticipated Mud and Water Day at school.






No home made treats or shiny decorations, just water, mud, shaving cream and some friends.

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